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Welcome to The Curious Technopath, the quasi-irregularly updated newsletter by Michael F Bergmann, a neurodiverse techno-optimist exploring the intersection of performance, human-AI interaction, and all things nerdy.


In my academic life, I am an Assistant Professor in Performance at The Creative School at Toronto Metropolitan University, as well as a PhD student in the Critical Studies in Improvisation program at the University of Guelph. In this realm, I teach performance technology, research human-robot interaction, and write and develop interfaces for inter-species play.

I also work as a freelance creative designer, mostly in the field of projection design for performance and video editing and creation.

I love designing systems for making complex art possible, hacking together disparate tools and seeing what they can create. Sometimes the system is the art itself. I’m always looking for new ways of optimizing something and love the bleeding edge of technology. If there is a beta program, I’ll join it.

In my personal life, I enjoy travel, nature, coffee, and video games. I am grateful to have a partner that shares and supports these passions.


This newsletter serves as a place to collect my academic research, creative projects, and personal updates. This is my response to wanting to share and discuss ideas while avoiding social media. It is also the place for people that want to follow me can go and see what I’m up to.

Content will often be in these broad categories:

  • Research & Creative Endeavors: Updates on my latest academic research, projects, conferences, papers, and invitations to creative work that gets put into the world.

  • Tech & Reflections: Thoughts and reflections on not-yet-fully-formed ideas, interesting technological developments, news, and anything else.

  • Personal Updates & Adventures: What else I’m up to, and where I am going. Hopefully interesting to those that don’t know me too.

  • Bergmann Approved: A resurrection of an old blog I used to maintain to post links to tools, products, websites, or other things that I like and use. Affiliate links will be used when available, but this content is not sponsored unless noted.

So whether you're a fellow academic, a tech enthusiast, wondering what the future of theatre is, or family, friends or foes wanting to keep up with my adventures, there's hopefully something here for you.


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A place to collect my writings about my academic and creative research, my ongoing PhD, and my personal thoughts on technology. Plus links and life updates.


Performance professor, AI researcher, artist of moving images, neurodiverse nerd, techno-optimist, collaborator with digital minds.